Acta Sagittariana (EN) (01/2022)

Dear Members of the International Heinrich-Schütz Society,
Dear newsletter subscribers,

After we have had to significantly restrict the activities of our Society over the past two years due to the adverse circumstances, I am especially delighted to be able to invite you today to one of our events.


On 25 May 2022, together with the Verein für hessische Geschichte und Landeskunde 1834 e.V., we will be holding a commemoration day on the occasion of the 450th birthday of Landgrave Moritz von Hessen, who discovered and greatly promoted our namesake.

The celebration will start at 3pm with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Aumüller (Marburg), a longstanding member of our Council, under the title Landesvater und Lehrherr – Landgraf Moritz der Gelehrte und seine Kapellknaben. Afterwards, at 5pm, you are invited to a city tour with the Kassel historian Karl-Hermann Wegner, to explore the places connected with the Kassel court chapel. The event will conclude with an evening concert at 8pm by the Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble, with music from the Landgrave’s court.

  • 3pm, Alte Brüderkirche (Renthof / corner of Brüderstraße, 34117 Kassel)
    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Aumüller (Marburg): Landesvater und Lehrherr – Landgraf Moritz der Gelehrte und seine Kapellknaben
    Free entry
  • 4.30pm, Alte Brüderkirche
    Karl-Hermann Wegner (Kassel): Heinrich Schütz in Kassel und die Renaissance-Kultur am Hofe Landgraf Moritz des Gelehrten von Hessen
    Fee: 5,00 Euros
  • 8pm, Alte Brüderkirche
    Kasseler Hofmusik aus der Zeit des Landgrafen Moritz von Hessen (1572-1632)
    Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble | Arno Paduch Leitung
    Tickets: 25,00 Euros

I would be delighted to welcome you as our guests to this event. Tickets can be ordered on our homepage, by email, as well as by phone, +49 561 3164500.

We are very grateful to the Landgraf-Moritz-Stiftung as well as the Hessische Hausstiftung for their financial support for this commemoration day.

Preview/Donations Appeal

From 27 to 30 October 2022, we will celebrate the 51st International Heinrich-Schütz-Fest, Heinrich Schütz and Kassel – History of a Relationship, as part of the Kasseler Musiktage. We hope to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Heinrich Schütz’s death in a special way, with exceptional concerts and a scholarly symposium.

Although we are receiving generous support from the Kasseler Musiktage, our Society will need to contribute a significant amount in order to realise the planned concerts. Since we are unable to finance this solely from the Society’s funds and membership fees, we would like to ask you cordially to support us with a donation, in order to enable us to celebrate this anniversary in a worthy and high-publicity manner. We would be hugely grateful for your support.

We very much hope that all these plans can be realised and that we will all be able to meet again next year at an event of our Society. 

Internationale Heinrich-Schütz-Gesellschaft e.V.
IBAN: DE42 5205 0353 0000 0406 04

We would be happy to provide you with a charitable donations certificate. For donations up to 300,00 € it is sufficient to present a deposit slip or bank statement to your tax office.

Report from the Japanese Section

We recently received a report about the activities of our Japanese section, which you can view by clicking on the link below. It is good to know that Schütz’s legacy continues to be promoted even in these adverse times.

Report (only registered members)

We very much hope that all these plans can be realised and that we will all be able to meet again next year at an event of our Society. 

Arno Paduch