Preview of the 53rd International Heinrich Schütz Festival in Lemgo (September 26-29, 2024)

Dear Members of the International Heinrich Schütz Society,
Dear Newsletter Subscribers,

In today’s newsletter, we would like to give you an initial preview of the 53rd International Heinrich Schütz Festival in Lemgo (September 26-29, 2024).

Following Krakau in 2023 the 53rd International Heinrich Schütz Festival is taking place in Lemgo. The venue was chosen not only because Schütz and Johann Grabbe, the court Musician under Count Simon VI in Schloss Brake, were acquainted with each other, but also studied together in Venice with Giovanni Gabrieli.

Of particular importance to the life of the historic Hanseatic town was Engelbert Kaempfer, who was born there. He was a sound musician, who on his numerous journeys studied locally popular instruments and during his time in Krakau wrote a music manuscript that he took with him on all his journeys. This will be featured in the Keynote Lecture of the opening event of the Festival in the Town Hall of Lemgo, and also in a scholarly symposium with the title Music and Cultural Transfer in the 16th & 17th Centuries (working title) in Schloss Brake on 27th & 28th September.

We can also look forward to concerts given by the European Hansa Ensemble (26.09), directed by Manfred Cordes, by the Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble, director Arno Paduch (27.09) and by the Concerto Farinelli (27.09) under Volker Mühlberg.

In keeping with tradition there will be the usual Festival Service (28.09), a Tour of the Town and Organ, a conducted tour of the Weser Renaissance Museum Schloss Brake as well as an informal social gathering.

We are delighted and grateful that this 53rd International Heinrich Schütz Festival has been organized in cooperation with the Lemgo Musikfestival mixTour, the Landesverband Lippe and the Weser Renaissance Museum Schloss Brake.

The full program will be published on our homepage in mid-June 2024. A printed flyer will then be sent to you along with the current issue of the Schütz-Jahrbuch.

IMPORTANT: We have already reserved a contingent of hotel rooms in Lemgo for our members. However, since capacities are limited, we would like to ask you to let us know as soon as possible whether you are considering taking part.

We warmly congratulate Sir Roger Norrington on his 90th birthday, which he celebrated on March 16, 2024. He was a co-founder of the English section of our society, which included, among others, Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten.

I would be delighted to welcome you as our guests at the 53rd International Heinrich Schütz Festival. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

With kind regards

Arno Paduch